The NBA and NBPA are coming closer to an agreement on a new, long-term CBA as they near Adam Silver‘s opt-out deadline Friday. A deal appears to be within reach, however there are still gaps to cover on an accord, reports ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

Reports have been swirling all day Friday regarding updates on a new CBA, and it is refreshing to hear an agreement could actually be met. Silver made it clear that if an agreement could not be made, the NBA would be opting out, despite the current CBA not actually expiring for another three months.

The Executive Director of the NBPA Tamika Tremaglio released a statement on Wednesday that the NBPA had no intention of opting out and was putting the ball in Adam Silver and the NBA's court. She also emphasizes that regardless of the outcome, games would go on as scheduled and there would be no threat of a lockout.

As of now, it looks like Tremaglio can take a sigh of relief as the two sides progress in negotiations. The NBA and NBPA will now have the rest of the day Friday to continue towards a new CBA.

While the NBA and NBPA continue negotiations, Friday is a big day for the two on the court as well. A 13-game slate across both conferences will have major playoff and play-in implications, with both the Western and Eastern Conferences sure to be shaken up after the last buzzer.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding a new CBA between the NBA and NBPA before Friday's opt-out deadline.