Regional representatives of the National Basketball Players' Association have started to text NBA players with a ‘yes or no' question: “Do you want to try and play again this season?”

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the union guaranteed the answers will be kept confidential, hoping to gauge the interest of 400-plus players across 30 NBA teams.

Wojnarowski noted some teams received the question as part of a group text that included the entire roster instead of a player-by-player route.

One rep asked a team's players: “Do you want to try and play this season, yes or no?” while another rep worded to a different group: “Do you want the season to start again?”

This polling method should nevertheless help the league get a willingness consensus amid this coronavirus pandemic. Other sporting leagues around the world have planned to restart once again but have also received pushback from players who feel they're at risk.

Considering there is no cure or vaccine out for public distribution, most leagues would make their return without fans in attendance. Yet even with that as a regulation, athletes have felt uneasy about returning to play.

Getting a consensus from players through this anonymous poll should help the NBA gauge for the participation interest of the majority of the league and thus, plan accordingly.

The NBA has prompted a potential return through various methods, though it has kept the option of canceling the season outright as a last-resort way to put an end to the 2019-20 season.