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Nick Young pitches undercard fight vs. Gilbert Arenas in Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul bout

Nick Young, Gilbert Arenas, Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul

Are more former NBA players going to step into the boxing ring? Nick Young has laid down the challenge to Gilbert Arenas with a connection to the Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul bout.

The undercard he is referring to is for the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul super exhibition fight that has been announced for February. Nick Young called out Arenas after Arenas posted about Nate Robinson’s fight against Jake Paul, Logan’s brother, as the primary undercard on the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr card.

The infusion of athletes such as Nick Young from other sports and other forms of entertainment into the fight game has been a trend in recent years, which has been a big debate amongst fans. While some believe it gives boxing the chance to grow and draw in new fans, boxing purists think it dilutes the sport and makes a mockery of it.

Those who don’t like the exhibition fights — such as Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas — and the more showy fights compare it to professional wrestling. This week has been a crazy one for the boxing world when it comes to this infusion, with Snoop Dogg announcing a new boxing promotion he will be running on Saturday.

Both Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas would hope to do better than Robinson in the boxing ring, where he was knocked out in the second round after being knocked down two other times and being completely outmatched by Paul.

Nick Young last played in the NBA when he was with the Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets. Arenas last played in 2012 with the Memphis Grizzles. While in the league Arenas was a three-time All-Star.

The NBA season begins soon, but it is clear from what Nick Young has expressed that some NBA players are seeking thrills of a noticeably different sort.