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Paul Pierce gets into argument with security in Khabib-McGregor fight

Paul Pierce

Former Boston Celtic star Paul Pierce attended one of the biggest fights in UFC history when he traveled to Las Vegas to watch Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov face off for the title of UFC Lightweight Champion.

Not to be left out, Pierce got into a scuffle of his own while attempting to reach his seat in the arena.

According to TMZ Sports, there was a misunderstanding between Pierce and one of the guards when he attempted to enter the lower levels of the stadium:

“Paul was trying to get to the first floor of the arena when apparently a security guard questioned if he had a ticket to be in the area. The two exchanged words, and at one point the guard puts his hands on Pierce to block him from walking. Staff eventually intervened and the two separated, you hear Pierce call the guards racist before walking back to his seat.”

Pierce obviously thought that the guard denied him his seat because of his race, but we have no other sources that can confirm that this is true. Regardless, it’s eyebrow-raising that someone as recognizable as Pierce was denied re-entry because of a missing ticket.

After the fight, Pierce seemed to be in a good mood even after the incident. When asked about the quality of the fight, he provided a snarky response, saying;

“The fight was weak. The after-fight, that was real.”

Pierce is referring to the fact that McGregor was forced to tap out just four rounds into the fight. However, a second brawl was sparked immediately after that when Khabib jumped into the crowd to fight a member of McGregor’s training staff.

Almost simultaneously, a still dazed McGregor was attacked by a man who hopped into the ring, reportedly a member of Khabib’s entourage.

Even though “The Truth” might have had a minor altercation, it seems like he got the entertainment he was looking for one way or the other.