The long wait is finally over. We were all finally able to get our first taste of ESPN's highly-anticipated Michael Jordan miniseries, “The Last Dance.” We acknowledge, however, that not everyone may have seen the premier and have intentions of watching the show at another time, so we will certainly fight the urge to post any type of spoilers here.

It seemed as though every basketball fan was tuned in on the program. The same can be said for some of the biggest stars in the NBA, who themselves made it a point to make sure that they weren't going to miss this momentous event. Some of them took to Twitter to share their excitement.

Philadelphia 76ers star Tobias Harris poured himself a glass of wine and was sitting comfortably in his couch moments before the program started.

As the show started, some players could not help but place their attention on Scottie Pippen, who many believed to be an underappreciated part of the Bulls dynasty.

Jazz star Donovan Mitchell was so into the program that he just had to react when commercials began rolling in.

As we all know, the documentary centers around the legend that is Jordan, and some players shared their thoughts on one of the greatest ever.

For NBA veteran Paul Millsap, it was all about MJ's fashion sense, though.

As they always say, all good things must come to an end. For now at least. Much like the rest of us, watching the first two episodes left more than a few NBA stars craving for more.

Yup, us too Vic. Us too.