Many good stories have been embellished over time for the sole purpose of adding some intrigue. ESPN's Stephen A. Smith was guilty of doing just that, according to Klutch Sports Group founder and LeBron James' agent Rich Paul.

Smith and Paul apparently got into a bit of a spat regarding the endless Michael Jordan-LeBron GOAT debate. The First take host has James slotted in at No. 2 on his all-time list behind the Chicago Bulls icon. Apparently, it did not go over well, with Paul allegedly taking it as in insult. Smith claims he fired back with an emphatic, NSFW response. “Get the f**k out of my face.”

Well, the super agent sought to clarify the supposed exchange while appearing on Gilbert Arenas' podcast, Gil's Arena. “Cap,” he immediately said, per executive producer Josiah Johnson, before the back-and-forth was even formally introduced into conversation. “Anybody in the world who know me, he's not going to say that to me….Now you can say ‘aw man get out of here.' Let's just add context for the viewers.”

By Paul's account, this was just two buddies having a good old fashioned sports debate. Though, he clearly is unshakable in his view that LeBron James is the best player to ever step foot on a basketball court. Many fans echo that sentiment, but ranking anyone below Michael Jordan cannot be considered insulting or bold. He captivated countless people across the globe with his greatness and relentless will to win.

Rich Paul is probably not going to be the most objective person on the matter, either. However, Stephen A. Smith might not be the most reliable narrator, if what was said on Gil's Arena is true. Regardless, there seems to be no beef. There is far more animosity amongst fans on social media, as this GOAT war rages on.