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Rich Paul, LeBron James deliver strong message after Klutch Sports ‘Pro Day’

NBA, LeBron James, Rich Paul, Klutch Sports

Rich Paul and LeBron James delivered a powerful message to the NBA world after Klutch Sports’ well-publicized pro day.

A lot of agents in the NBA don’t like Paul and the Klutch Sports brand. However, that didn’t stop the agency from hosting a live Pro Day for Georgia’s Anthony Edwards and Kentucky’s Tyrese Maxey on Thursday, which was televised live on ESPN2.

Klutch clients such as LeBron, Anthony Davis, Draymond Green, Tristan Thompson and Trae Young were in attendance.

Other NBA agents, nonetheless, are reportedly taking issue with the “unwarranted exposure” being given to Edwards and Maxey, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post. In a lengthy Instagram post which LeBron commented on, Paul seemingly fired back at his haters.

“I want to thank everyone for their support last night. It’s not often you see support like this for these young men coming into the league. This is much bigger than makes and misses! When black it’s discredited, it’s critiqued, narratives are driven,” Paul wrote of the criticisms Klutch Sports is getting around the NBA.

“It’s a shock when the black athlete isn’t making the black agent work for free, or feel as if it’s a privilege to represent them but instead respect their practice and expertise. Why? When is the other way around, the athlete should be lucky to have the agent and every move is genius. Why? Discouragement has killed more people than guns, but it won’t work here. These men are more than athletes, and I couldn’t be more proud to work with them. The old narratives won’t work. Young kids, this picture is what kicking discouragements ass looks like! Keep believing in yourselves, it will happen for you!”

Sounds like there’s a lot of jealous NBA agents out there. For what it’s worth, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what Rich Paul and Klutch Sports are doing.

After all, it’s Paul’s job to get more exposure for his clients so they can be high draft picks in the NBA.

Anything that LeBron James is affiliated with seems to get a lot of hate for no reason. The Los Angeles Lakers star, however, is smiling through it all and flourishing with his super agent.