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Richard Jefferson advises ‘Golden State haters’ to root for Warriors to make Kevin Durant leave

Richard Jefferson, Warriors, Kevin Durant

Richard Jefferson has a golden nugget of advice for those looking to reinstate parity in the NBA and the ones who have crossed their fingers for years, hoping that Kevin Durant would leave the Golden State Warriors.

Root for them to win.

No kidding. It might seem unorthodox, but the former player believes a Warriors championship win without Durant would be the final stamp on his ticket out of the Bay Area.

“For all the Golden State haters out there, the people that don’t like Golden State and that they ruined the game — if you want Kevin Durant to leave, root for the Warriors to win,” said Jefferson on ESPN’s Get Up! “If the Warriors win and Kevin Durant doesn’t go there — I know that they’re unbeatable. I’ve played against the Warriors pre-KD and I’ve played against the Warriors [with] KD. It is not fun. It’s not fun for anybody.”

It’s worth noting that Jefferson spoke after reports that the expectations for a healthy Durant to be ready for the NBA Finals have now simmered.

Jefferson does have a point here. Durant is looking for two things in this free agency: one of them is money, and the other is to have command of his own team, as his three years in the Bay Area have clearly showed him the fans’ loyalties lie with their homegrown star Stephen Curry.

If the Warriors can win a title without KD ever stepping foot on the floor, it’ll further reinforce the notion that Golden State never truly needed him in the first place, though that might prove easier to pull off on paper than actuality.