With most teams now having played between 9-11 games in the 2022-23 season, it's time to look at our NBA Power Rankings entering Week 4. Some of the best teams have remained stable, while a number of early favorites have continued to struggle, especially the defending champion Golden State Warriors. The surprising Utah Jazz have continued to impress, while the Memphis Grizzlies, Atlanta Hawks, Dallas Mavericks, and Toronto Raptors have moved up quite a bit. Of course, we'll also touch on the drama engulfing the Brooklyn Nets and San Antonio Spurs. Let's take a glance at how each team has fared throughout the past week.

Weeks like the one that just passed remind us that this game is bigger than basketball. While we'd all prefer to focus on the incredible athleticism on display every week, sharp reminders of our players' humanity have been on full display to begin the 2022-23 season. All these serve to remind us that actions have repercussions, and how a player performs on the floor is only one part of his persona and career.

We have also indicated how many rungs each team rose or sank based on their previous rankings in Week 3.

Now without further ado, let's look at our 2022-23 NBA Power Rankings entering Week 4 of the new season.

1. Milwaukee Bucks (No change)

The Bucks are the only remaining unbeaten team. Sure, they've had a home-heavy schedule to start the season, but prime-time road win in Minnesota is nothing to scoff at. Giannis of course is being Giannis, playing at perhaps his best level yet. A three-game trip to Atlanta, OKC, and San Antonio awaits.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers (No change)

The Cavs are playing even better than maybe the loftiest projections had them going. This is a team that has not lost since opening night despite not having Darius Garland for much of their run. They have been nothing short of fantastic, though they continue their California road trip against the Clippers, Kings, and Warriors.

3. Phoenix Suns (No change)

The Suns are second only to the Bucks in points allowed and third in net point differential. Their record speaks to how balanced they have been so far this season. They split their back-to-back against Portland, but that's forgivable. A four-game road trip will test them, especially after Cam Johnson's torn meniscus.

4. Utah Jazz (+1)

The Jazz lost to the Dallas Mavericks but won their other three games against the Grizzlies and both Los Angeles teams. Collin Sexton has hit a bit of a groove. He has scored at least 13 points in all four games this week. They have three of their four games this week on the road, though. That'll be a big gauntlet.

5. Memphis Grizzlies (+2)

The Grizzlies dropped another game to the upstart Jazz club before finishing the week with three straight wins over the Blazers, Hornets, and Wizards. Desmond Bane did not play in Utah's second defeat, but he has continued his remarkable scoring streak to start the season. A major matchup with Boston comes up next.

6. Boston Celtics (No change)

Speaking of Boston, the Celtics did pretty well this past week, going 2-1. Their only loss was to the surging Cavaliers in overtime, and one may argue that the Big Green should have won that one as well. Still, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are chugging along. They have tough matchups against Memphis and Denver lined up this week, along with two games against Detroit.

7. Atlanta Hawks (+5)

The Hawks are among our top risers this week, especially after back-to-back wins over the Knicks and Pelicans. It'll be interesting to see how they do in Week 4, though, as they have a rematch with the Bucks before facing the Jazz. After that, they have an exciting back-to-back against the Sixers.

8. Portland Trail Blazers (-4)

The Blazers plunge down quite a bit after going 1-2 this week. Yes, it was a tough week playing the Grizzlies and Suns without Damian Lillard, but it was a good test to see where this team was really situated. A long road trip continues this week as Dame recovers.

9. Denver Nuggets (-1)

The Nuggets strung together wins over OKC and the Spurs after an embarrassing defeat to the Lakers on Halloween. Nikola Jokic continues to put up MVP-ish numbers, though we want to see more from Michael Porter Jr. and Jamal Murray. A challenging four-game road trip beckons this week.

10. Dallas Mavericks (+7)

Apparently, the Mavs are more than just Luka Doncic! Wins over the Magic, Jazz, and Raptors dotted this past week, with solid contributions coming from Spencer Dinwiddie and Christian Wood. They host the needlessly drama-ridden Brooklyn Nets next before taking on the Magic, Wiz, and Blazers.

11. Toronto Raptors (+10)

Winning three out of four this past week pushes the Raptors way up to just outside the top 1o in these Week 4 NBA Power Rankings. Their only loss was also by a solitary point to the Mavs. At 6-4, the Raptors look like they're finally ready to compete. It should also be a pretty “winnable week” against the Bulls, Rockets, Thunder, and Pacers.

12. New Orleans Pelicans (+1)

Yes, the Pels just went 2-2, winning over the Clippers and Warriors in the same week. That counts for something! Besides, their two losses were both in OT. Frankly speaking, NOLA should've gone 4-0. In any case, this is still a team in good shape. Back-to-back East road games open Week 4 for the Pelicans.

13. Los Angeles Clippers (-3)

The Clips actually had a solid week, going 3-2. They had wins over the Rockets and Spurs, though these were sandwiched by losses to the Pelicans and Jazz. We still don't quite know what their team identity is, though, so they fall down a few rungs in our NBA Power Rankings. Also, the Cavs are up next, and Kawhi Leonard's return is nowhere in sight.

14. San Antonio Spurs (-3)

After a blistering start, the Spurs took a whole lot of Ls this past week. And we're not even really talking about on-court stuff. The Josh Primo issue will linger for this team, and though they've been respectable on the court, we feel like they're due for a huge slide, especially with the Nuggets, Grizzlies, and Bucks coming up this week.

15. Minnesota Timberwolves (-1)

The Wolves should be way better than their current record. It also sucks that they have lost three of their last four games, including getting waylaid by the Spurs on Halloween night. Karl-Anthony Towns' numbers are down from last season, while Rudy Gobert is blocking just 1.6 shots per game. Also, Anthony Edwards has shown inconsistent effort.

16. Chicago Bulls (+7)

The Bulls looked good early in the week before running into the Celtics and Raptors. Yes, they have a losing record, but they're miraculously top six in the East. Yes, the season has been THAT weird. They tip this week off against the Raptors anew before facing the Pelicans and Nuggets.

17. Indiana Pacers (+7)

Props to the Pacers for winning three of their last four. Those included wins over the Nets and the most recent one against the Heat. The Tyrese Haliburton-Bennedict Mathurin tandem looks mighty legitimate, with Mathurin an early ROY contender.

18. New York Knicks (+2)

It feels very strange to have the Knicks actually climb the NBA Power Rankings after losing four of their last five. This is more of a course correction since we might have had them too low a week ago. Still, winning over Philly was nice. They also have a “winnable” schedule this week against the Wolves, Nets, Pistons, and Thunder.

19. Oklahoma City Thunder (+3)

Speaking of the Thunder, we also have to give this young team props for competing hard. A win against the Magic capped off a four-game win streak, though it was followed by back-to-back losses to the Nuggets and Bucks. Both were expected anyway.

20. Philadelphia 76ers (-2)

Maybe we had the 76ers too high last week. Then again, they just lost back-to-back games against the Wizards and Knicks. This is such a schizophrenic squad. Things are gonna be extra tough this week against the Suns, Hawks, and Jazz, too. Life has been hard without Embiid in the middle, and James Harden is out a month.

21. Washington Wizards (-4)

The Wizards are losers of five of their last six. That's a big reason they tumble down big in our NBA Power Rankings. Also, they'll face the Mavs, Jazz, and Grizzlies this week. That's a tough stretch. Oh well, at least we have Rui Hachimura playing all 10 games so far, yes?

22. Miami Heat (-3)

Of course, we love coach Spo, but this team is struggling hard. We love that they beat the Dubs and Kings this past week, but a tight loss to the Pacers stung. Injuries have also been a bit of an issue. They have a shot against a Dame-less Blazers next followed by a back-to-back against Charlotte.

23. Sacramento Kings (+5)

The Kings scraped the bottom in the first couple of weeks, but they climb the NBA Power Rankings significantly after winning three of their last four. They also should have beaten Miami in a close one. So far, De'Aaron Fox and Kevin Huerter have been solid, while Domantas Sabonis has been a double-double machine.

24. Golden State Warriors (-15)

Man, how far the mighty have fallen in these Week 4 NBA Power Rankings. Sure, the Warriors had a tough-as-heck schedule, but to lose ALL of their five road games on this recent trip? No excuses, right? They're so far down the West that only two teams are currently below them in the standings. They should get a win or two this week as they face the Kings twice.

25. Charlotte Hornets (-9)

The Hornets went 0-4 this week, which was not too surprising since they have been decimated by injuries. They just won't win many games with PJ Washington and Kelly Oubre Jr. as their primary scorers.

26. Los Angeles Lakers (+1)

We don't want to say the Lakers are getting it together, but maybe they are. They went 2-2 this past week, which is already amazing for this franchise. It'll be a tough next week, though, as they face the Jazz, Clips, Kings, and Nets. Also, what is up with LeBron's 3-point shooting this season?!

27. Brooklyn Nets (-2)

Ah, the team that needs no introduction. Considering everything this team has been through, it's a tremendous achievement that they actually went 3-1 this past week. Still, we want to see Ben Simmons actually do something out there. They'll need him, especially with Kyrie out for the foreseeable future.

28. Detroit Pistons (-2)

A win over the Warriors was good, but losing three in a row was bad. At least they were kinda competitive… in one of those losses? Let's see how they do this week with Boston twice on the calendar.

29. Orlando Magic (+1)

The Magic edged out the Rockets thanks to a big win over the visiting Warriors. Paolo Banchero continues to turn a lot of heads, and they should get win No. 3 when they face Houston in their next game.

30. Houston Rockets (-1)

Speaking of Houston, the Rockets are, well, the worst team in the entire league and sit here at No. 30 in the Week 4 NBA Power Rankings. They are second-to-last in net point differential and have lost their last six games. Things obviously won't get any easier moving forward. At least Jalen Green has picked up his scoring again.