Bronny James is currently preparing for the NBA Draft. It is uncertain when he will be selected. Any team that drafts him understands that LeBron James may opt to follow Bronny for the opportunity to play with his son. So will the Dallas Mavericks consider drafting Bronny?

NBA insider Marc Stein reports that the Mavs would be open to the idea but understand that the chances of Bronny going undrafted into the later portion of the second-round are unlikely.

It was previously uncertain as to whether or not Bronny would remain in college or enter the NBA Draft. He did not have a great first season with USC basketball, averaging just 4.8 points per game on 36.6 percent field goal and 26.7 percent three-point shooting.

Still, Bronny displayed flashes of potential during the season. But there is no question that being LeBron's son helps his draft case. LeBron's contract with the Los Angeles Lakers features a player option. James may opt out, but his decision to remain in Los Angeles or not could be impacted by whether or not the Lakers land Bronny in the NBA Draft.

The general belief is that LeBron wants to play with his son. As a result, other teams may be interested in using a draft pick on Bronny since it could lead to signing LeBron.

It would be a risk, though, because drafting Bronny does not guarantee that your team will get LeBron. Additionally, Bronny is not regarded as a top-tier prospect and LeBron likely only has a few years left in the NBA. So by passing on a more proven prospect, teams will risk the long-term future.

However, LeBron James brings championship potential to most teams he plays for.

Should the Mavericks draft Bronny James?

If Bronny James is available, and that is a major question given the circumstances, then it would not hurt to use a late second round pick on the former USC basketball guard.

Dallas has the No. 58 overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. Perhaps someone else will emerge as a potential steal at the No. 58 spot. But drafting Bronny would give the Mavericks a player with an intriguing ceiling.

The primary storyline will be whether or not LeBron follows Bronny to his next team. However, Bronny has a chance to be a good NBA player. He has displayed playmaking ability. If he can become a reliable defensive presence and if he improves his shot, perhaps Bronny will emerge as a steady option in the NBA.

And that is not bad for a No. 58 overall pick. Again, though, Bronny may end up being selected before the Mavericks even have an opportunity to draft him.

Nevertheless, Bronny James is receiving no shortage of attention heading into the 2024 NBA Draft. The top prospects typically receive the most hype but it is not every year that arguably the greatest player of all time's son is in the NBA draft.

Which team do you think will select Bronny James?