Take a breath, Dub Nation. Despite the Sacramento Kings aligning the financial stars to potentially pursue Draymond Green in free agency, there's still no indication he has any plans of leaving the Golden State Warriors—for their Northern California neighbors nor any other Western Conference rival.

The Kings traded Richaun Holmes and the No. 24 overall pick to the Dallas Mavericks on draft night, a significant salary dump that projects them to have upwards of $30 million in cap space to spend in free agency. Immediately, league analysts began connecting the dots between Sacramento's cost-cutting move and the availability of Green, who developed a close relationship with Kings coach Mike Brown during their shared time with Golden State.

Smoke doesn't always mean fire, though.

“I continue to hear nothing but strong confidence emanating from the Bay Area that an agreement on a multi-year deal for Green to stay right where he's always been is forthcoming,” NBA insider Marc Stein reported on Sunday.

That intel comes as no surprise considering Green's publicly stated desire to finish his career with the Warriors. The faint possibility of him bailing in free agency seemed to vanish entirely when the Dubs traded Jordan Poole for Chris Paul, too—not just re-aligning a fraught locker room behind Green, but emphasizing the team's plans to re-sign he and Klay Thompson to long-term contracts.

Sorry, Sacramento. Green isn't going anywhere.

The Kings weren't the only time with eyes to lure him from the Bay, though. Before acquiring Marcus Smart in a blockbuster three-team trade with the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards, the Memphis Grizzlies also apparently had interest in stealing Green from the Warriors.

“League sources say that the Grizzlies nonetheless had strong interest in Green and were plotting to make some sort of run at him,” Stein reported. “…I’m told that the Grizzlies’ pre-Smart interest in Green was genuine. And it's fascinating to simply consider the idea of Green engaging Memphis in free agency conversations after the teams’ past battles.”

How Memphis would've cobbled together the cap room to chase Green in free agency is unclear. The Grizzlies have the mid-level exception to spend on outside free agents, but that $12.4 million price tag is easily less than half the annual salary Green is expected to command from Golden State.

Regardless, as the player movement carousel continues to spin, don't look too much into rumors surrounding Green. He's still poised to re-up with the Dubs shortly after free agency tips off on June 30th.