The Golden State Warriors appear intent to go all-in on winning another championship next season, if their Jordan Poole for Chris Paul trade was any indication. But will the Warriors decide to do the unthinkable and shop yet another player many thought would be a huge part of the post-Stephen Curry iteration of the Dubs in Jonathan Kuminga?

The likely answer to that question is no, if the words of one credible Warriors insider is anything to go by. According to Anthony Slater of The Athletic in an appearance on Michael Scotto's HoopsHype podcast, he sees Kuminga beginning next season in a Warriors uniform — even if he may not be an untouchable asset.

Slater added that the Warriors, as much as he thinks that Jonathan Kuminga won't be traded away and that he's not “being shopped”, would still “answer inbound calls” for the 20-year old combo forward. They would reportedly listen to trade overtures for any member of their roster apart from Stephen Curry — which may be nothing but due diligence from the new Warriors brain trust led by Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Keeping Kuminga in the Bay is an indication of the Warriors organization's continued belief in his talent. After all, Kuminga's offensive game grew by a lot in his second season, becoming efficient from the field, and perhaps most importantly, from three. But at the end of the day, Kuminga will have to fine-tune the minutiae of his game — his playmaking and defensive chops will be of utmost importance to the Warriors — for him to receive heavy minutes in Year 3.