Cam Reddish continues to ride the bench for the New York Knicks as trade rumors swirl around him. Tom Thibodeau has shown no inclination of wanting to play the young forward, and teams are inquiring about Reddish. Amid all of these trade talks, the Knicks are reportedly interested in trading for Milwaukee Bucks guard Grayson Allen.

“With trade talks surrounding Reddish ongoing, the Knicks have expressed interest in Bucks starter Grayson Allen, a career 39.5 percent three-point shooter, league sources told HoopsHype.”

The Bucks do have interest in trading for Cam Reddish according to earlier reports. Despite being sentenced to perpetually stay in Thibodeau's doghouse, the former Duke product has a ton of potential. He could, in theory, offer defensive versatility and three-point shooting to a contending team. It's certainly weird why the Knicks don't seem to be interested in playing Reddish.

As for Grayson Allen… the Knicks might be able to have some use for the Bucks guard if they trade for him. However, there's certainly better targets for New York to choose on the trade market. They do have a weakness at the backup guard position, but there might be some better options out there in the market for NY.

The Knicks sit in an awkward position this season. They sit at seventh place in the Eastern Conference. They aren't in the same tier of contenders like the Bucks or the Boston Celtics. However, they also aren't bad enough to justify tanking for a top pick. We'll see what the Knicks do at the trade deadline to maneuver out of this purgatory they find themselves in.