The Los Angles Lakers (33-29) are in the midst of some tense times, to say the least. Despite posting an impressive 9-3 record in the month of February, they are still not in a secure spot in the standings. There are four teams and two and a half games separating LA from the No. 6 slot, which is the target zone this group must reach if it hopes to avoid the NBA Play-In Tournament. That is not the only concern, however.

Tension might be mounting tension between LeBron James and Lakers head coach Darvin Ham, to the point that team huddles are becoming contradictory affairs.

Can Lakers' LeBron James, Darvin Ham coexist?

“{James} sits in the huddle and gets his rest/water, rolls his eyes as Ham speaks and waits for the huddle to break,” a source told Anthony Irwin of Lakers Daily. “If Ham ever does draw up a play, as soon as the huddle breaks, James will tell everyone else on the court with him ‘f— all that’ and calls a play of his own.”

Yikes. If this player-coach relationship is in fact in this fragile of a state, then consistency might be unattainable for this team. Morale is an essential component of most successful postseason pushes, and LA cannot afford to have a disconnect in the locker room or on the sidelines at this time of the year.

Players were reportedly frustrated with Ham's lineup changes earlier in the season, but this insight might indicate that issues remain on this squad. Irwin notes that there is unlikely to be a coaching change this summer, however, if the Lakers earn one of the eight spots in the playoffs this April.

LeBron James must find a way to work with Darvin Ham if Los Angeles is going to fulfill its potential and have another opportunity to contend for Western Conference supremacy. Fans will be closely monitoring the body language of Mr. 40,000 and the rest of this group when the Lakers battle the first-place Oklahoma City Thunder Monday night.