The Memphis Grizzlies are once again one of the best teams in the NBA. With a 23-13 record and one of the very best defenses in the league, they are making noise with their young bunch.

With Ja Morant already established as a star, Memphis could use its picks and young players to land another one in a trade. Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium explained why the Grizzlies are so well-equipped to make such a splash.

Charania notes that the Grizzlies “ have all their flexibility moving forward…They have, like, five first-round picks to play with… The fact that they have all their picks, they have Danny Green, they can really go get a star player out there in the marketplace whenever that guy becomes available. The question is gonna be, internally, do they want to continue to do it in-house [with] homegrown talent or do you want to go out and use your assets and go get another star?”

Morant has done a stellar job leading the Grizzlies without a true second All-Star. Although Desmond Bane could have joined him if not for an injury, Memphis would be wise to use its future assets and get an upgrade.

However, because the Grizzlies have been so good at scouting, drafting and developing players, they could opt to just continue do what they have been and develop the key players around Morant. It's what they've done with Bane and Jaren Jackson Jr. Regardless of which path they take, the future looks extremely bright for them.