In case you missed it, Shannon Sharpe will no longer be part of the long-running Fox Sports 1 program “Undisputed.” This is after the Denver Broncos icon turned sports analyst successfully worked out a buyout agreement with his current contract with the show. Sharpe's shocking decision will now put an end to his seven-year partnership with show co-host Skip Bayless.

As it turns out, Skip himself may have played a key role in Sharpe's exit. It's not that Bayless had Sharpe removed from the show, at least not that we know of, but a new report citing Skip's ultimate power on the program may have been an integral factor in Sharpe's unceremonious departure. Front Office Sports has now exposed Skip Bayless' alleged dictatorship-like rule on the show:

You can’t tweet about him, talk about him, anything, or they call you into the office. Skip is not going to hire anybody who challenges him—and he’s going to make the hire,” said the unnamed source.

In all honesty, this does not come as a major shock. Skip Bayless has been in the industry for quite some time now, and it isn't surprising that he's now established himself as a king over Fox Sports, at least according to the above report.

To be clear, the reason behind Sharpe's exit from the show remains unclear. However, it's not hard to read between the lines here. Sharpe has cited his creative differences with Skip Bayless in the past, and he seems to have been aggrieved by the fact it's Bayless who ultimately gets to decide on the direction of the show. Perhaps Shannon Sharpe has finally decided that enough is enough?