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NBA Top Shot’s all-new Fandom Tier explained

NBA Top Shot, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Luka Doncic

NBA Top Shot continues to break barriers as the NFT platform levels up the whole fan experience with an all-new tier dedicated to true NBA fans called the Fandom Tier. Launching during the 2021 NBA Summer League, this whole new category of Moments will be in between the Common and Rare tiers and will be the most dynamic and fan-driven category of them all.

Unlike the current classes available on the platform, this tier will be solely focused on the fan experience where the collectors will be the ones to dictate the final mint count of each Moment – similar to recent Quests like the Russell Westbrook triple-double record Moment where a total of 8,137 users participated in the Quest hence the same amount of Moments was eventually minted. In a nutshell, if only 100 users want to participate, then only 100 mints or editions of that specific Moment will be produced. Plain and simple.

To give us a taste of what’s to come with this all-new tier, NBA Top Shot is going all out during this season’s Summer League as they bring to life this exciting new dimension to the platform through the first in-arena Moments that will be hitting the site. On August 8, 9, and 10, one play from a specific game will be immediately minted right after the game, and users present in the event can physically queue and purchase these Moments on the very same day.

In doing so, NBA Top Shot is focusing on a specific market of fans who attend NBA games and other NBA Top Shot events in person and get to be part of the production of specific Moments they saw and experienced live. Now that’s a souvenir worth keeping.

It’s the offseason but clearly, the folks at NBA Top Shot are hard at work.