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Video: Kevin Durant, Patrick Beverley thrown out in Warriors-Clippers game

Kevin Durant, Patrick Beverley, Clippers

Kevin Durant and Patrick Beverley were both tossed late in the fourth quarter in Game 1 of the Golden State Warriors-Los Angeles Clippers series on Saturday night.

Their final heated exchange on the night occurred when Durant barked at Beverley after knocking him to the ground. Beverley got back up immediately and went at it with Durant.

The two continued their heated exchange, so the referee didn’t hesitate in assessing Durant and Beverley their second technicals on the night and throwing them out of the contest.

Perhaps, fans and the media alike knew this was coming. It didn’t take long for Patrick Beverley to get under the skin of one of Golden State’s stars, and he targeted arguably the easiest to get into: Kevin Durant.

Beverley certainly loves to disrupt his opposing match-up’s rhythm by playing scrappy and annoying defense and talking some smack. This, in turn, easily triggers someone like Durant.

Beverley and Durant were jawing at each other nearly the entire game. At some point during the contest, Beverley mocked Durant for appearing to flop on one of the plays.

Beverley also took the challenge of guarding the 6-foot-11 Durant despite giving up nearly 10 inches on his assignment. The two also received their first technicals at the each others’ expense when they jawed at each other just 19 seconds prior to their final confrontation of the evening.

It is only Game 1, but this incident should already set the theme for the rest of the series. Without a doubt, the Warriors are heavy favorites, but surely, Beverley and the Clippers won’t back down from the defending champions.