It was a tough first year in the Big Ten Conference for Matt Rhule. He could not get his Nebraska football program near to contend for a College Football Playoff spot. The Cornhuskers ended the year with only five wins which was far from their former glory back in 2008 to 2014. Currently, they have a full offseason to recalibrate, get better recruits, and master better schemes. No other coach can help them better than New England Patriots legend Bill Belichick.

Yes, Bill Belichick is headed to Lincoln to help out the Nebraska football program. The former Patriots head coach will be a guest speaker at the Nebraska Football X&O's Clinic. It will be held from April 5 to 6. All of this was organized by head coach Matt Rhule. It is to hopefully boost the Cornhuskers' understanding of their roles when it comes to set plays and schemes.

Belichick helps the Nebraska football squad

As a defensive-minded coach, Belichick thrived with his insane sets which led to the success of multiple NFL teams. He was able to give life to a struggling Cleveland Browns squad with Nick Saban. After that, it was his time to start winning. Belichick started it off by helping the New York Giants win two rings. Then, he proceeded to dominate the league with Drew Bledsoe, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Julian Edelman in the Patriots dynasty.

If there is any coach that could help the Nebraska football program get close to being the most dominant team in the Big Ten Conference, it would be Belichick. He won the NFL Coach of the Year award three times. Not to mention, he has the most playoff wins. Also, he has the record for most Super Bowl appearances over any head honcho in league history.

Belichick did not land any head coaching jobs this offseason. Those jobs went to the likes of Antonio Pierce and Jim Harbaugh. Furthermore, this meant that the Nebraska football squad saw an opportunity that they could not refuse to grab. If a dynasty-maker and an all-around winner is looking for a job, whether it's just for two days, you take it.

Overall, this will surely shake up how the Cornhuskers adjust their style of play next season. Will they get to climb to the top of football immortality?