Netflix recently announced on a post on X (formerly Twitter) that its hit fantasy series The Witcher has been renewed for its fifth and final season.

The streaming platform confirmed via Deadline, “It's official, The Witcher season 4 is in production. But that's not all, we're already planning season 5, which will be the final season and bring this epic show to a fitting conclusion. See you on The Continent.”

The Witcher makes it final bow on season 5

It was previously reported that the fourth season will have a new lead actor, Liam Hemsworth, taking over playing Geralt from Henry Cavill. Cavill left the show at the end of the third season.

The third season's ending changed the Continent in massive ways. Season four will follow Geralt, Yennefer (Anaya Chalotra) and Ciri (Freya Allan) roam across the ravaged Continent, encountering various demons outside of the ones inside themselves.

The group meets several misfits along the way. The three are tasked to embrace and lead the misfits. If they can accomplish that, they may be able to survive the baptism of fire and finding each other again.

Laurence Fishburne will also be joining the cast for this upcoming season. The actor will play fan-favorite character  from the books and games, Regis.

Regis was introduced in author Andrzej Sapkowski's third The Witcher novel Baptism of Fire published in 1996. The character is described in the series as a mysterious world-weary barber-surgeon.

If the series follows the novel (and that's an issue best discussed later), the group of misfits are composed of dwarves led by Zoltan Chivay (Danny Woodburn). Following the group is Cahir (Eamon Farren) the “Black Rider”, a character that has made an appearance in Ciri's nightmares.

Cahir was initially taken prisoner by hawkers and is saved by Geralt. However, the Black Rider refuses to join the party but continues to follow them. Milva (Meng'er Zhang of Shang-Chi), an expert archer in the group intervenes and Cahir ends up with the party as well.

Regis is the last member of the group. In the novel, he is described as a vampire with extremely useful medical skills who is befriended by Geralt.

Cahir ends up warming up to the group and tells Geralt that share the same prophetic dreams regarding Ciri. This tells them that she isn't in Nilfgaard and the young girl with the emperor was an imposter.

Joey Batey will also reprise his role as the fan-favorite bard and jester Jaskier. If you need a reminder, he's the one that sings that very catchy song, Toss A Coin To Your Witcher.

As mentioned earlier there have been issues regarding the series and the novel — or rather the series not following the book. One of the reasons Cavill reportedly left is that he clashed with the show's writers.

The former Superman actor was famously a fan of the source material and often exhorted the writers to follow it faithfully. The writers, in turn, weren't so keen on that.

The fans loved Cavill's turn as Geralt and most were up in arms with Hemsworth's casting. However, some are willing to give him a chance.

The Witcher returns for its fourth season in early 2025.