Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant wants everyone to know that he's not the type of person that you should look up to. The former MVP, who's always been quite vocal especially on social media, didn't pull his punches after being dragged on Twitter due to a viral photo of his ashy legs.

As superstar athletes, a lot of people expect players like KD to simply take the high road and just focus on the game. But, the fact is, these players are humans first and as we've learned with the rise of social media and accessibility towards these athletes, they can be sensitive too – whether they mean to or not.

KD's initial response to his haters on Twitter was incredibly savage. Durant sarcastically cursed all his naysayers on social media, saying that he was about to flex on them real quick:

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And, the 33-year-old didn't stop there. Some people didn't like what he did and basically called him out for it. A Twitter user named RD Atchison responded to the two-time NBA champ's NSFW comment stating that kids who look up to him can read those harsh words. Durant, being the ever-straightforward athlete that he is, clapped back ala Charles Barkley:

“I am not a role model” Durant tweeted.

KD was definitely not in a Thanksgiving mood. And honestly, I'm here for it.

Knowing how Durant has been on social media, it's actually no surprise that he is taking this approach. From having burner accounts to non-stop trolling people, the 11-time All-Star is simply having fun out there. It's just Twitter, at the end of the day, and if people really want to take things seriously then that's more their problem and not KD's.

It's just Twitter and I think it's quite unfair to judge someone's overall character by simply reading his tweets. Plus, it's not as if he tweeted out anything particularly damaging to his persona. Durant has simply been doubling down on the fact that he doesn't need to prove himself to anybody – whether on or off the court. He's been one of the most criticized athletes of this generation and that has not stopped him from absolutely balling out every time he's on the court.

If you want proof, then check out his stats this season. All eyes have been on Brooklyn in the first few months of the '21-22 NBA season with the whole Kyrie Irving situation but this has not slowed Durant down one bit. The 2014 MVP is back in the conversation to win his second MVP trophy this season as he continues to lead the Nets' dominance of the East.

Durant is scoring at will in his 15th season in the NBA and the four-time scoring champ now finds himself at the second spot of the league's scoring leader, right next to former teammate Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. And, like Curry, Durant has managed to lead his short-handed Nets to the top of his respective conference and has canceled out all the external noise.

KD is not nice – we've known this fact since his Oklahoma City Thunder days. And it seems that nothing is going to change that fact which I, personally, love. Do you, KD.