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Charles Barkley clowns Nets’ James Hardens outfit

James Harden, Charles Barkley, Nets

Charles Barkley had some interesting comments about Brooklyn Nets Superstar James Harden’s outfit. Harden walked into the Barclays Center before the game versus the Golden State Warriors and Chuck did not like his outfit at all.

“Man what the hell is his outfit? Hell no I don’t like his outfit. I like his kicks the shoes the best thing on the outfit. It don’t flow. You want that outfit ill get it for you”

Kenny Smith added, “you just mad cause they don’t make overalls in your size.”

Barkley didn’t approve of the Nets stars outfit. The TNT crew is one of the best on television. They are all knowledgeable guys and some of the funniest people in sports media. Every night they’re always going to say something that you wouldn’t think that they were going to say. Barkley always keeps it real and if he doesn’t like something, he’s going to let people know. Just like he did on Tuesday before the Brooklyn game.

The Brooklyn Nets are taking on the Warriors in what should be a potential finals matchup. Both teams are playing like the two best teams in basketball. The Nets are still without Kyrie Irving and it’s unclear when or if he will ever return. It doesn’t look like they need him right now as Kevin Durant and James Harden are carrying the Nets to victories. Kevin Durant is currently playing like an MVP candidate and he is the reason why the Nets have seen so much success early on this season. This will be an interesting game as the Warriors are heading to Brooklyn and Kevin Durant will face off against his former team.