NBA media day produced a number of controversial statements and stories. However, Kevin Durant wants to make sure everything is kept within proper context. The Brooklyn Nets superstar called out a Nets reporter for twisting ‘sh*t up.’

As seen above, he is responding to Nets Daily reporter Matt Brooks. Brooks originally shared a Kevin Durant quote in response to one of his questions.

“Kevin Durant on whether he’ll put in another trade request if the Nets struggle…” Brooks wrote on Twitter.

“I don’t feel like I’ve gotta prove anything to Net fans after 3 years,” Kevin Durant said at Nets media day. “I’m committed to moving forward with this team. If you’ve got doubts, that’s on you.”

Durant isn’t denying what he said. Instead, KD is claiming he was asked a different question. His quote on the surface may cause fans to look twice. Sure, Durant doesn’t need to prove anything to fans given his superstar status. Nevertheless, his comment may not give the best impression.

Kevin Durant is aiming to lead the Nets to a deep playoff run this season. After a long offseason that was surrounded by trade rumors, KD and Brooklyn ultimately decided to run it back. With Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons on the roster, the Nets have the talent to make a serious run.

Brooklyn head coach Steve Nash shared encouraging news as well. It was reported during the offseason that Durant wanted the team to move on from Nash as the head coach. However, Nash revealed that he and Kevin Durant talked things out and are ready to roll.

It will be intriguing to see if this star-studded Nets team lives up their potential.