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Stephon Marbury tries to make Nets star Kyrie Irving into a modern-day Muhammad Ali

Brooklyn Nets Kyrie Irving Muhammad Ali Stephon Marbury

Former Nets all-star Stephon Marbury is observed to have an array of comments during Kyrie Irving’s Instagram live, addressing multiple talks and issues surrounding his vaccination status.

As opening night is right around the corner, Irving remains one of the few unvaccinated NBA players. This has raised complications with the Brooklyn Nets, together with the looming uncertainty on whether or not Irving will actually suit up this season.

The entire saga sparked numerous rumors and talks on a possible trade with Irving and even the idea of retirement.

Irving decided to go live on Instagram to break the silence—explaining his decision and clarifying that his retirement talks are entirely false.

With over 100,000 viewers, quotes and video clips of Uncle Drew’s Instagram live went viral. Fans and personalities gave their own thoughts regarding an issue that has plagued the league for quite some time now.

Amid the barrage of live comments, former Nets All-Star Stephon Marbury, was observed to post numerous comments supporting Irving’s mission.

Marbury compared the Nets star to Muhammad Ali, an iconic boxer that worked tirelessly on social justice issues during his time.

“Ali would be proud of you”

“Nah they can’t cut and edit these God words spoken. It’s all love here and this soul speaking got a[n] ARMY behind him.”

“You [are] bringing the vaccinated and unvaccinated together. That’s a different power. No one [has] ever seen it before,” Marbury comments.

With the Nets choosing to omit Irving from live-action until he gets vaccinated, fans are eager to see how the organization responds to Irving’s comments.