The former New Orleans Saints legendary quarterback Drew Brees made his debut as an analyst for NBC after retiring from the NFL. He seemed to do a decent job on set but did tend to struggle a bit in the booth calling games. Now, after just one year as an analyst, Brees makes an intriguing career decision.

According to The New York Post, Drew Brees, “will not return to NBC after just one season as a studio and game analyst.” It's an interesting development, as there are not many NFL analyst jobs available right now. Even so, it sounds like Brees is still interested in being an analyst. The trick is finding a role for a new network.

Luckily for him, there are some options available. However, he's not likely going to receive top dollar. With Tom Brady (once he retires from the NFL), Tony Romo, and Greg Olsen already locking up the top spots, Drew Brees might have to settle as a number two option. “Brees could possibly team with Joe Davis or Adam Amin on Fox’s No. 2 team, which does call playoff games. Amazon could also maybe be a possible landing spot,” per The New York Post.

Even so, it's not a guarantee Drew Brees comes back to announce NFL games. There is speculation he wants to return, but there is no concrete evidence of that being the case. So for now, Brees is officially fully retired but could make a new career choice in the near future. We'll see how it plays out, but his decision could be made in the coming months.