A lot of revelations have been made since Michael Oher came out about his qualms with his conservatorship. It was unveiled that he was never really adopted and that the family of Sean Tuohy and Leigh Anne Tuohy has been allegedly profiting off of him. The former NFL player also outlined that he had never earned anything from “The Blind Side.” Now, a new piece of information has been revealed that could turn the tides of legal and public opinion.

Sean Tuohy and their family lawyer unveiled that Michael Oher had been given compensation for “The Blind Side.” Specifically, each member of the Tuohy family earned $100,000 from the film's profits, per Jason Munz of The Commercial Appeal.

More than that, the lawyer also went out to reveal that the former NFL player had been doing his own financial bidding. Most, if not all, of the deals, had little to no involvement with the Tuohy family. He unveiled it in his latest statement.

“The Tuohys did not control any of Mr. Oher’s finances. Mr. Oher picked his own agent. Mr. Oher signed his own contract and negotiated it through his agents. They don’t need his money. They’ve never needed his money,” the lawyer said about the Tuohy family.

It was also revealed that Michael Oher had not had many ties with the family in the past years. The Tuohy family has also shown much willingness to dissolve the conservatorship. Will they be able to push through with it amid all this legal drama?