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Joe Montana jokes about making NFL comeback after finding out Patrick Mahomes’ astronomical contract

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The great Joe Montana has just declared that he’s well on his way to making a miraculous comeback to the NFL. The San Francisco 49ers legend is apparently drawing inspiration from Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes and the reigning Super Bowl MVP’s insane contract.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on where you’re sitting), he was just kidding when he made the declaration. Montana made a recent guesting on The Adam Schefter Podcast, and the Hall of Famer took it at an opportunity to joke about a potential return to the game:

“I’ve started running again,” Montana said Wednesday. “I’m gonna make a comeback at 64, I think.”

Montana was laughing when he said this, and quickly expressed why he believes this simply isn’t possible from a physical standpoint:

“I wish I could,” Montana said. “I’ve had my share of surgeries. I’m not sure I could run from here to the door.”

The three-time All-Pro quarterback might still be on point mentally, but his body — at 64 years young — just isn’t capable of playing competitive football at this point, more so in the NFL.

Montana then admitted that he was taken aback once he learned about Mahomes’ current contract. The Chiefs stud recently put pen to paper on a 10-year deal worth $503 million, which for his part, Montana completely approves of:

“I think it’s great,” Montana added. “If they can get it, get it — I mean, the game is crazy, ya know? You never know when it may end. Physically for me, it’s been rough. If you can set yourself up for life like that, more power to you.”

We can’t help but imagine how prime Joe Montana would fair in today’s NFL. Could he have earned a similar (or even more lucrative) deal to that of Mahomes?