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Michael Vick gets 100% real on Colin Kaepernick’s NFL comeback bid

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Former star quarterback Michael Vick knows a thing or two about comebacks in the NFL, and so when he talks about Colin Kaepernick and his attempt to return to the league, it has to mean something.

Kaepernick hasn’t played in the NFL since 2016, with many believing his silent and peaceful protest against racial inequality and the oppression of Black people in America being the reason why he hasn’t been signed by any team since then. However, Vick expressed his belief that it won’t be long until the veteran QB finds a new team that will give him a chance.

“I think it will happen in due time,” Vick said during an appearance on Outkick, via Sports Illustrated.

Colin Kaepernick is working his way back to the NFL, even getting a workout with the Las Vegas Raiders in recent weeks. While he remains unsigned, Raiders QB Derek Carr expressed his admiration for the 34-year-old and seemed open to playing with him.

For Michael Vick, Kap needs to accept a backup role when he gets signed. Through that, hopefully, he can show what he is capable of and earn the chance to start.

“He’s been out the league a couple years and he hasn’t played in a long time, it’d probably be smart to just come in in a backup role, and just play that backup role for two or three years,” Vick added. “And, when you get an opportunity to start, you show that you can play. You win a series of games. You win five or six games.”

It remains to be seen if Kapernick will really get the chance to ever play in the NFL again, but aside from Vick, there is no doubt a lot of people are hoping he gets that shot.