Just one day after being reinstated to the NFL, Myles Garrett once again claimed that Mason Rudolph uttered a racial slur during their altercation in Week 11 of the 2019 season. Following Garrett's claim, the NFL has reiterated that they have no evidence of Rudolph using a racial slur.

“As we said at the time the allegation was made, we looked into the matter and found no such evidence,” NFL V.P. of communications Brian McCarthy informed ProFootballTalk via email after the story regarding a potential lawsuit was posted.

The NFL typically has plenty of microphones capturing sounds on the field. But when Garrett first made the allegations, the NFL concluded that there wasn't any audio on the play that the incident occurred. Therefore, neither Garrett or Mason Rudolph has conclusive evidence to prove that they are right.

Up to this point, the witnesses of the confrontation are all in defense of Rudolph. However, that doesn't completely exonerate Rudolph from any wrongdoing in the situation.

Despite Garrett's bold allegations, Rudolph has vehemently denied using a racial slur. The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback's agent released a statement on Saturday defending his client. Furthermore, his agent also mentioned the possibility of Rudolph taking legal action against Garrett.

In the event that Garrett is lying, he could be sued for defamation. With that being said, Mason Rudolph doesn't have any concrete proof that Garrett's claims don't hold any substance.

It's safe to say that the NFL doesn't want to get involved in any legal matter involving this situation. Due to the NFL not containing any evidence, it would be tough for either side to win in court.