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Patriots vs. Rams is lowest scoring Super Bowl in history through three quarters

Tom Brady, Jared Goff

The New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams have officially combined for the lowest point total through three quarters in the history of the Super Bowl.

Considering that many people expected this to be one of the highest scoring games ever in the Super Bowl, this has been a surprising development due to all the high-quality offensive players on the field.

Of course, there is also a ton of defensive talent on both sides, and that has been more than obvious for the majority of this game.

And with neither team being able to score a touchdown or garner more than a single field goal, it has led to the lowest scoring output ever through three quarters in the NFL’s biggest game.

While this probably isn’t the type of game that the NFL would want after a season where numerous points were put up, it’s still been a competitive matchup with both defenses putting in efficient performances.

With offensive stars like Tom Brady and Todd Gurley on the field, most people probably didn’t expect the punters and kickers to be the top players from a production standpoint.

Perhaps one of the teams will be able to find some consistent offense in the fourth quarter.