Jonathan Taylor hasn't played in 2023. Between an injury and contract disputes with the Indianapolis Colts, Taylor's future with the team is in question. Although he's eligible to return from the PUP list soon, Taylor reportedly “still doesn't want to play for the Colts,” according to Dan Graziano of ESPN. Graziano also reports that the Colts still are not willing to give the star running back a long-term deal.

Jonathan Taylor-Colts situation

The situation is difficult for both sides. On one hand, the Colts have a franchise superstar in Taylor who they don't seem to want to offer a long-term extension to. Building around Taylor, who's only 24-years old, would make sense. Indianapolis surely has their reasons, and the running back market has been uncertain at best. Still, potentially losing Taylor instead of agreeing to a new contract with him is a questionable decision.

Jonathan Taylor, meanwhile, probably doesn't want to sit out for the entire season. He wants a long-term deal somewhere, but teams may be more hesitant to offer him one if he does not play in 2023.

For insight on the Colts' Week 4 matchup against the Rams, listen below:

Indianapolis knows Taylor can return soon. It's unclear exactly what the future holds though. According to Graziano, neither side is willing to budge so one has to wonder if a trade is the only option. Things can change and perhaps the Colts will give in, or Taylor will end up deciding to play.

For now, though, it seems unlikely. Expect Zack Moss to continue receiving the majority of snaps at running back moving forward.