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League execs name three teams as possible suitors for Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady will be the most talked-about name in football in the coming weeks.

The New England Patriots star quarterback is a free agent come March, and the mere thought of a potential move is enough to create seismic waves around the NFL.

Mike Giardi of NFL Network reported while insider believe Brady will return to the Patriots, three teams could make a serious push: the Tennessee Titans, Las Vegas Raiders and New York Giants:

Meanwhile, some executives feel each front office will have to grapple with the question of Brady’s effectiveness at this stage of his career. For example, one executive questioned whether Brady would be an upgrade over Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill or Raiders quarterback Derek Carr:

The Raiders have been a rumored suitor of Brady’s almost since the beginning of the offseason. The speculation only increased when Brady was spotted talking to Raiders owner Mark Davis at a UFC event in Las Vegas.

Tennessee would be an intriguing fit. The Titans already have to consider whether to extend star running back Derrick Henry or slap him with the franchise tag, and Tannehill is also a free agent.

Would Brady really go to the Giants? And would the Giants really make a serious play for an aging quarterback in the midst of their rebuild? Possibly, at least according to executives.

There are a lot of unknowns as far as Brady is concerned. He posted a low total QBR, and his average yards gained per attempt fell as well. However, Brady also had a real shortage of dependable wide receivers as well as an offensive line which dealt with injuries all season.

However teams choose to evaluate Brady, he is going to generate a lot of buzz in the coming month.