The New England Patriots' 2023 season has not gone according to plan. They currently hold a 2-10 record and Bill Belichick's future with the team is clouded in uncertainty.

Jeff Howe of The Athletic reported that the Patriots could consider a Belichick trade following the season.

“Three high-ranking executives from rival teams who were polled by The Athletic believed the 71-year-old could be worth as much as a first-round draft pick. And for the Patriots, who are well on the way to securing their own top-five pick, such a return could do wonders to jump-start the franchise’s post-Belichick era,” Howe wrote.

A first-round pick would indeed be enticing for the Patriots. New England would only consider this if they were completely ready to move on from Belichick, something that will not be an easy decision given his legacy with the Patriots.

Bill Belichick's final season with Patriots?

The past few years have been forgettable for Belichick and the Patriots. Still, he has built a reputation as a legendary head coach in New England. He's led the team to multiple Super Bowl victories and owns a career 300-161 win-loss record as a head coach.

With all of that being said, New England has to think about the future. Belichick and the Patriots have not found success in 2023 and New England may need to hit the reset button soon.

There is a chance that Belichick can help the Patriots turn things around. The team's struggles are not all his fault. New England has to monitor all of their options before making a final decision.

A potential trade will be something for them to consider. Although, trading one of the best coaches in franchise history will surely be a difficult thing to do.