NFL video: Bruce Smith goes viral with wild Family Feud answer
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VIDEO: Bills legend Bruce Smith goes viral with wild Family Feud answer

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Buffalo Bills icon and NFL legend Bruce Smith just broke the internet with one of the worst (or best) answers in Family Feud history.

The 57-year-old Hall of Famer was on a celebrity episode of the popular game show on Sunday night with a few other NFL legends. Unfortunately for him, he’s now going viral for a rather interesting answer during the Fast Money Round.

When asked what tool Captain Hook would use to replace his hook with if he was moonlighting as a handyman, this what what Smith went with:

He said what now?

Okay, let’s cut the 11-time NFL Pro Bowler some slack. His initial response (hammer) was already taken, so he got a little pressured and went with his … uhm, instincts?

It’s hard to be on your toes and think fast with that much pressure around you. Also, no one is safe from Steve Harvey — even if you’re a famed defensive icon in the NFL.

The legendary host went along and ignored Smith’s outrageous answer at first. However, a few seconds later, he eventually blasted the defensive end with a classic remark before the whole studio broke into laughter.

“What the f–k did he say?” Harvey said.

The round was immediately halted as everyone needed a minute to recover from Smith’s fallacious comment. And for the record, Smith’s interesting answer was completely wrong. After apologizing for cursing on air, Harvey told Smith that he was definitely going to go viral after that wild answer.

Thankfully, a blunder like this won’t diminish the fact that Bruce Smith was one of the best defensive powerhouses in the NFL in the 80s and the 90s.