Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid are two of the best hockey players in the world — if not the best — and the Pittsburgh Penguins captain hopes to play on the same team one day.

With the National Hockey League and NHL Players Association recently announcing plans to revive a regular international tournament schedule in 2025, that seems like it will be coming to fruition sometime in the next few years.

And the three-time Stanley Cup champion made it clear he would hand McDavid the reigns if the two do ever get to play together for Team Canada.

“It's too bad it hasn't worked out for a while here but it's looking like that could change,” Crosby told Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on the latest episode of the 32 Thoughts podcast. “So, you know, that'd be awesome.”

Although both players are centers, Crosby even admitted that he would play on the wing to get a chance to line up beside his fellow superstar.

“I'll go there,” Crosby explained. “I'll play my off-wing, no worries. Listen, I've skated with him and I've played both, so I think I'm good either way with playing center or wing, whatever he wants to do. He can carry the mail. I'll just find the opening.”

The NHL hasn't been involved in a best-on-best international tournament since the World Cup of Hockey in 2016. Crosby led Canada to a gold medal that year, but McDavid played on Team North America, a squad based up of the best Under-23 players from Canada and the United States.

It looks like Crosby and McDavid might finally be on the same team — an absolutely salivating prospect for hockey fans worldwide. That could happen as soon as the World Cup in 2025, and the league also has plans to return to the Olympics in 2026.

But Crosby is well aware of how good many other countries have gotten over the past two decades.

“Seeing all the other countries, you look at their lineups. I mean, it's pretty tight,” the Canadian superstar explained. “I mean, there's no real favored team. It's easy to say Canada because we've had success at Olympics and that sort of thing. But, I mean, the hockey is incredible.”

Expect even more incredible hockey from Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid, as linemates, in 2025 and beyond.