The USC Trojans’ loss in the Pac-12 title game and the TCU Horned Frogs' defeat in the Big 12 championship game have sparked a new conversation regarding this season’s College Football Playoff. For one, the two results may have just opened the door for the Alabama Crimson Tide to sneak into the CFP.

Alabama capped off the regular season with a 10-2 record, and while it finished conference play with a 6-2 record, its road defeat to LSU was the reason why it did not feature in the 2022 SEC Championship Game. Nonetheless, Alabama head coach Nick Saban sees that his team has a convincing resume for the CFP.

During an appearance on ESPN’s “The College Football Show,” Saban brought up a point that he believes should be taken into account when discussing just which teams deserve to make this season's CFP.

“There’s one thing that I would add to this playoff mix, one loss vs. two loss, who gets in, who doesn’t get in,” Saban said. “I guess I would ask the question, is if we played these teams in question, would we be underdogs in the game? And that’s the perfect answer to everybody’s questions relative to who the best teams are at present.

“That’s how this should play out. It would be interesting.”

Saban added that “you gotta look at how teams are playing at the present,” and that the Crimson Tide should be credited for its 3-0 finish in SEC play.

It will be noteworthy to see whether Alabama clinches a spot in the CFP for the third straight year.