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Richard Sherman trolls people on Twitter who doubted his contract

Richard Sherman, Niners

San Francisco 49ers veteran Richard Sherman clapped back at his critics Friday after he was named to the NFL’s second All-Pro team. Sherman received a lot of heat for negotiating his own contract back in 2018 because it involved a lot of incentive-based qualifiers.

Richard Sherman bet on himself and it worked, earning him an extra $1 million for making the Pro Bowl and another $1 million for being named an All-Pro.

After being named to the team, Sherman took to Twitter to criticize people who doubted him and his ability to negotiate his own contract.

He went after Joe Thomas, who said in March of 2018 that Sherman’s ego was getting in the way with the contract he had signed.

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe commented on how the 49ers had taken Richard Sherman for a ride, something that didn’t sit too well with the former Seattle Seahawks standout.

Alicia Jessop a sports law professor used Sherman’s contract as an example of why veteran players should not negotiate their own contracts.

He also got into a back and forth exchange with Pro Football Talk. The outlet didn’t feel like Sherman’s contract was a smart one, even though he hit all the incentives.

Sherman went back at them, claiming that the only reason he was so against player negotiated deals was that he was trying to protect some of his agent friends.

Not everyone is going to agree that Richard Sherman made the right decision negotiating his, own deal which is okay because everyone can have their own opinion. Sherman might just clap back at you because he doesn’t think your opinion is right.