The quarterback position is going to be a hot topic for the San Francisco 49ers for the entire 2023 NFL season. In terms of one of their three options in Trey Lance, the Niners' Trent Williams has been especially impressed, reports NBC Bay Area's Jennifer Lee Chan.

“As opposed to sitting there and being down, which everybody could respect and everybody could say, ‘I get that. I understand.' He didn’t. For him to be that young and be that mature and handle things that well, I was impressed.”

Trent Williams is referring to all of the bad injury luck that Trey Lance has endured so far in his NFL career and how he has responded. He emphasizes that he was ‘impressed' with how mature Lance has handled the constant setbacks. Williams goes on to say that when Brock Purdy took the quarterback job and ran with it, Lance was one of his biggest supporters.

“He was in Brock’s hip pocket. Very attentive in meetings. Every meeting and walk-through he could attend, he was there. And he just always had a smile on his face. Always uplifting his teammates.”

This is extremely encouraging to hear for Niners fans; if the job falls to Trey Lance, they will know his character is worthy of the quarterback position. Trent Williams couldn't agree more, as he believes that Lance has always done whatever he could to support the Niners.

“Just being a great teammate. We all know he was hit with an unfortunate situation and football, that’s the way the game is. One opportunity closes for somebody, and it opens for somebody else.”

It is clear that Trent Williams has the utmost respect for Trey Lance. This will bode extremely well for the Niners young quarterback if he ends up landing the starting job.