The Memphis Grizzlies added Derrick Rose this offseason, and the first assumption for many people was that he would come in and be a leader for Ja Morant during his 25-game suspension. But Rose made a firm statement that he is in Memphis to win, not just be a leader.

“Look I'm not here to babysit,” Rose said, via the Associated Press. “I'm not here to babysit, micromanage or anything. I'm not here to be a plant, a plant in the locker room or any of that. I'm here to help guys win. I'm not here to steal minutes. I'm not here to steal nobody's job. I'm here to win. Once again. I'm here to show that I still have a lot left in the tank.”

Derrick Rose was a valued member of the New York Knicks over the last couple of seasons, helping their young players emerge and become a winning team. Given Rose's impact with the Knicks and how highly he was thought of due to his leadership even after he fell out of the rotation, it makes sense that people would make those types of assumptions with the Grizzlies.

It will be interesting to see how the Grizzlies fare for the first 25 games without Ja Morant, and how Rose fits into the rotation. Rose just being himself and going bout his business as a veteran player in the league should provide value for the Grizzlies. That provided a lot of value to the Knicks, and it could very well be the same with Memphis.

The Grizzlies disappointed in the playoffs last year, getting beaten by the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round after getting the No. 2 seed.