After previous Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly's departure for the LSU Tigers, offensive coordinator Tommy Rees had the opportunity to follow suit. However, reports recently emerged of Rees' final decision.

Rees, a former Fighting Irish quarterback himself, has since confirmed that he will be staying in Notre Dame. This will provide some continuity throughout the coaching transition that will follow Kelly's recent departure. In a recent video, Rees can be seen giving a speech to Notre Dame's players (via Notre Dame Football):

“I know it's been a hell of a week for you guys. It's been a hell of a week for a lot of us that are a part of this place, but this is where my heart is. My heart's with you guys. I care too much to leave this place. This is where I want to be, this is where I want to win a national championship. I wanted to be able to tell you guys in person.”

To further demonstrate his commitment to the school, Rees took to Twitter to post a GIF of the iconic “I'm not leaving” scene from The Wolf of Wall Street.

Tommy Rees' epic reaction to his Notre Dame extension comes as he completes his second season with the school. Still only 29-years-old, he was previously an assistant with the San Diego Chargers in 2016. Notre Dame is also currently working on retaining defensive coordinator Marcus Freeman who is one of their head coach candidates. Like he did with Rees, Brian Kelly is also attempting to take Freeman with him to LSU.