When Dominik Mysterio took the ring against Trick Williams in the second match of NXT No Mercy, the deck, as they say, was stacked against him.

He had no Mami, he had no Judgment Day by his side, he had a biased referee in Dragon Lee, and, most crucially of all, he had to prepare for a new opponent seemingly on the fly, as, after handpicking Mustafai Ali to be his opponent for No Mercy on a previous edition of NXT, he was instead forced to get in the ring with none other than Trick Willaims, a performer built like a Superstar who simply didn't have the same wealth of tape to study heading into the match.

And yet, surely Mysterio would still find a way to win, right? I mean, he had the experience, he had the champion's advantage, and, most importantly of all, he had to have a few tricks up his sleeve, as he is “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio, after all… right?

Taking the ring with a fury, criticizing Lee's officiating right from the jump, Mysterio took out not one but two referees throughout the duration of the match, leading to multiple occurrences where both wrestlers ended up getting would-be pins that were counted by no one but the audience. Still, the match proceeded with either man beating the other down, and after attempting to lay out Trick Willie with the NXT Title, the one-time South Carolina wide receiver turned momentum on its head and secured the pinfall victory with a quick count 1-2-3 by none other than Dragon Lee.

Welp, there you go folks; maybe WWE has other plans for Judgment Day that would make more sense if Mysterio isn't a champion, maybe this will lead to something even bigger between Mysterio and Lee, maybe the promotion feels Becky Lynch is enough to help drive the ratings; either way, Trick is the new champion and you can't call him Carmelo Hayes' second any longer.