For the first time in years, the Ohio State football program has a quarterback battle, and it is between Kyle McCord and Devin Brown. Kirk Herbstreit expressed confidence in Ryan Day's offense producing a lot of points in the 2023 season.

“I don't think they even know, I really don't,” Kirk Herbstreit said, via On3 Sports. “I think you got two guys that are more than capable. Ohio State's been pretty spoiled at that spot since Ryan Day has taken over. They're going to find a way to put a lot of points on the board regardless of which guy wins it.”

Herbstreit also offered his take on how Ryan Day should handle the two battling it out.

“I think he'll go into summer camp, they'll have those scrimmages, and then I wouldn't be shocked if they used the first two or three games to kind of let these guys maybe play it out,” Herbstreit said, via On3 Sports. “It's hard to make a big decision like that from a scrimmage in the summer. It's only fair. Like what Jim Harbaugh did last year. Give a guy a half or a game, give the other guy the same thing.”

The Ohio State football program has had three straight Heisman Trophy finalists in Dwayne Haskins, Justin Fields and CJ Stroud. It will be interesting to see whether Kyle McCord or Devin Brown wins the starting job in the 2023 season, and if Ryan Day's offense will produce to a level that makes them national title contenders.