Ryan Day took over as head coach for Ohio State football in 2019 after Urban Meyer left. Meyer left Day with all he could ask for. The team had been extremely dominant during Meyer's tenure and hadn't lost to Michigan football since 2011. Ryan Day walked into a gold mine. His first two seasons were great as the Buckeyes beat the Wolverines in 2019 (did not play in 2020 due to Covid) and made the College Football Playoff both years. However, there are now people calling for Day's job after back-to-back seasons losing to Michigan.

“There's an immense amount of pressure on Ohio State this year, and namely Ryan Day,” Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt said in a video he posted on Twitter. “And I get it, when you're at Ohio State, you've got to beat Michigan, and you've got to win the Big Ten, and you have to go and compete for, and potentially win, national championships.”

Klatt is certainly right. Expectations are extremely high for Ohio State football every year. While Day has done very well with the Buckeyes, he hasn't done a good job in those areas.

“When you look at what Ohio State has done under Ryan Day, they have completely dominated everybody except for Michigan and in the playoff,” Klatt said. “So that has to start to change.”

Many Ohio State fans are concerned that Day doesn't take the rivalry with Michigan football seriously enough because he didn't grow up around the rivalry and he doesn't get it. The reality is, if you coach for Michigan or Ohio State, you have to win that game. Jim Harbaugh had the same issue when he first came to Michigan. The Wolverines were significantly better than in the pre-Harbaugh days, but Harbaugh almost lost his job because he couldn't beat Ohio State.

The Game should be another exciting battle this year, and if Day doesn't come home with a victory, he might be in some trouble.