Brent Venables is losing one of the most important people in the Oklahoma football program. Jeff Lebby is on his way out of the Sooners' system. This is because of a big offer to take over the Mississippi State squad in the upcoming year. They have a responsibility to maintain their top-10-caliber offense in the coming years. This is why Seth Litrell and Joe Jon Finley rose up to the ranks.

Brent Venables will patch up the holes in their coaching staff that's tasked to design the offense. After Jeff Lebby left for Mississippi State, Seth Litrell is set to be the next offensive coordinator for the Oklahoma football program. The former North Texas coach will be accompanied by their tight end coach, Joe Jon Finley. He is set to be the co-offensive coordinator moving forward, per Brett McMurphy of Action Network.

Manning the Oklahoma offense is a tall task. They were ranked as the sixth-best total offense in all of college football during the 2023 season. This means that they have a good combination of offensive play calls that haunt enemies. Whether it's their air attack orchestrated by Dillon Gabriel or the Sooners' insane rushes on the ground led by Gavin Sawchuk, secondaries usually find themselves in a tough spot defending them.

However, these coaches have been in the Oklahoma football program for quite some time now. They are more than qualified to take up the available spots such that the Sooners can thrive in the coming years. Will they be able to exceed the schematics that Lebby drew up?