The Oklahoma State football team came close to winning the Big 12 last year as they made it to the championship game, but they fell short to Texas in that contest. The Longhorns are no longer in the Big 12, and neither is Oklahoma, Oklahoma State's rival. So, the door is open for Oklahoma State to make another run. They have a lot of talent on their 2024 team, and perhaps their most talented player is running back Ollie Gordon, and head coach Mike Gundy knows that.

Ollie Gordon is expected to be one of the best players in college football this season, but a recent DUI arrest put his season in jeopardy. Big 12 media days are currently underway, and Oklahoma State football head coach Mike Gundy decided to bring Gordon there. He wanted Gordon to face the noise, and he also noted that Gordon is not going to be punished by missing games.

“We're in a time where you guys are essentially employees,” Gundy said, according to a tweet from Cayden McFarland. “You guys make lots of money to play this game, it's different than it was five years ago. Your punishment is gonna be facing the facts, that's why we brought him here today. I said ‘you're not going into hiding. You're gonna have to face the music, you're gonna have to stand up and talk to people and answer questions. And hopefully, more than football, you can learn from the situation you've been in.' If not, then we've got a real issue. But, he's gonna play. I'm gonna do what I think, what we think, is best for Oklahoma State football, and I think it's best for Ollie [Gordon] to play. If there's any punishment it's making him carry the ball 50 times in the first game.”

Ollie Gordon will not miss any time for Oklahoma State, but he might have a big workload during week one.

Oklahoma State's Ollie Gordon II waits to run a drill during an Oklahoma State University Cowboys spring football practice at Sherman E. Smith Training Center

Mike Gundy going viral for other comments

Mike Gundy obviously talked a lot about Ollie Gordon and his DUI on Tuesday, and he is going viral for some of the things he said.

“I looked up on my phone, what would be the legal limit,” Gundy said. “Like in Oklahoma it's .08, and Ollie [Gordon] was .1. So I looked it up, and it was based on body weight. Not to get into the legal side of it, but I thought really two or three beers, or four – I'm not justifying what Ollie did, I'm telling you what decision I made. I thought ‘I've probably done that a thousand times in my life.' And it's just fine. So I got lucky, people get lucky. Ollie made a decision that he wishes he could've done better, but when I talked to Ollie I told him that you're lucky you got out light. Because you make a lot of money to play football.”

Gundy then took to Twitter later in the day and clarified his comments. He noted that he was just saying that people make bad decisions, and nothing else.

“My intended point today at Big 12 media days was that we are all guilty of making bad decisions,” Gundy said in a tweet. “It was not a reference to something specific.”

Ollie Gordon put himself in a tough spot, but he will not be punished by missing Oklahoma State football games.