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Simone Biles fires back at haters who claimed she ‘quit’

Simone Biles Tokyo Olympics

The decision for Simone Biles to step back from the Tokyo Olympics has been headline news throughout the event thus far. While she’s gotten plenty of praise and support from her peers, fans, and even USA Gymnastics itself, there were also a number of voices spouting criticism towards the multi-titled Olympian.

Simone Biles sent a pointed message to her haters via her Instagram account. There she explained why she definitely didn’t “quit” like they are so brazenly claiming.

“For anyone saying I quit,” Biles stated. “I didn’t quit my mind & body are simply in sync…as you can see here…i don’t think you realize how dangerous this is on hard/competition surface.”

Simone Biles’ frustration is definitely understandable and completely valid. Most of these detractors calling her a quitter probably don’t know the first thing about gymnastics. One wrong move and it could lead to a devastating injury. In an Olympic event determined by the slimmest of margins, highlights by death-defying stunts, Biles would be putting herself in danger at every flip and turn if she was not at a hundred percent.

To express some level of disappointed towards Simone Biles’ exit is one thing, but to completely rip her for her decision and call her a quitter is something else entirely. Hopefully Simone Biles is able to recharge and come back stronger than ever to silence her critics once again.