Everyone at Autzen Stadium wants a piece of Deion Sanders and Colorado football, and that includes Oregon football's mascot who decided to pull off a troll job of the Buffaloes.

Before the game started, the Oregon Duck entered the field with Sanders' signature cowboy hot and sunglasses. The mascot then proceeded to smash a cardboard-made clock with the word “Prime” on it–a reference to Sanders' “Prime Time” nickname. Sure enough, the message from Oregon football was loud and clear: they are ready to destroy the Buffaloes.

In a rather hilarious turn, however, the Oregon Duck wasn't able to finish smashing the clock after its head literally fell off. The guy manning the mascot quickly headed back to the tunnel and left his head on the field.

Here's to hoping that it isn't a bad omen for Oregon football against Colorado. They did blast the Buffaloes in the first half, leading 35-0, so hopefully they will be able to finish the job unlike their mascot.

The Ducks have a lot of motivation in the game, especially after the Buffaloes pulled off a disrespectful move before the contest by walking over the Oregon logo at midfield, with one player even stomping on it.

Oregon head coach Dan Lanning did take a shot at Deion Sanders and the Colorado squad in his fiery pregame speech for his team as well, saying that they are not “fighting for clicks” unlike the Buffaloes.

“The Cinderella story is over, man. They’re fighting for clicks, we're fighting for wins… This game ain't gonna be played in Hollywood, it’s gonna be played on grass,” Lanning shared.