The Oregon State football team is one program that is currently left behind in terms of conference realignment. We have already seen it this year with a few teams moving to the Big 12, but next season, college football is going to look completely different. The Big Ten and SEC specifically are going to have a lot of new teams, and the Pac-12 remains a big question mark. Everyone has found a new home except for Oregon State and Washington State. The Pac-12 has become the Pac-2. While the upcoming changes are going to be huge, Oregon State athletic director Scott Barnes thinks there could be some more changes down the road.

“As you think about the future of even media rights, I think a sort of relegation model, either in unequal distribution, a contraction of teams and/or peer relegation will take place. I think that's coming,” Barnes said in an article from ESPN. “In terms of the model itself, I think there's some merit to look at some form of hybrid model that does support that. We see it working in a similar fashion in Europe, and certainly it's worthy of our study.”

This would be a very unique thing to see take place in college football. It works in European soccer, but pulling that off here would be pretty difficult. The Oregon State AD thinks it's possible. Washington State president Kirk Schulz, however, not so much.

“I don't know how you practically move to these particular models that you could even get a lot of people to sit around and agree to,” Schulz said. “There's going to have to be some other disruptors that are going to force it, and I'm just not sure we're going to see a lot of movement in this space in the next four to five years just because people are locked down into particular media contracts.”

The landscape of college sports, specifically football, will always be changing. Who knows what the next big change will be or when it will take place.