Overwatch 2 celebrates Pride Month 2023 with an event that introduces Name Cards, Icons, and a brand-new short story.

For starters, let's talk about when the event will start. The Overwatch 2 Pride Month 2023 event begins on June 1, 2023. Although there is no specific date for the event's end. this event will likely run for the whole of Pride Month. As such, the event will likely end on June 30, 2023.

Now, let's talk about the contents of the event. First off, various Player Icons and Name Cards will be available to players. Players will not have to buy the icons, as all of them will be automatically added to every player's account once the event starts. Here is the full list of Icons, Name Cards, and Sprays that players can get from the Overwatch 2 Pride Month 2023 event:

  • Player Icons
    • Agender Flag
    • Aromantic Flag
    • Asexual Flag
    • Bisexual Flag
    • Gay Flag
    • Genderfluid Flag
    • Intersex Flag
    • Transgender Flag
    • Progress Pride
    • Intersex-Inclusive Progress
    • Overwatch Pride
    • Rainbow
      • This Icon is already in-game. Players who were not able to get it before will get it as soon as the event starts.
  • Name Cards
    • Agender Pride
    • Aromantic Pride
    • Asexual Pride
    • Bisexual Pride
    • Gay Pride
    • Genderfluid Pride
    • Intersex Pride
    • Lesbian Pride
    • Non-Binary Pride
    • Pansexual Pride
    • Transgender Pride
    • Overwatch Pride
    • Progress Pride
    • Intersex-Inclusive Progress Pride
    • Tracer Pride
    • Tracer Lesbian Pride
    • Soldier: 76 Pride
    • Soldier: 75 Gay Pride
    • Lifeweaver Pride
    • Lifeweaver Pride Pansexual
    • Pharah Pride
    • Pharah Lesbian Pride
    • Baptiste Pride
    • Baptiste Bisexual Pride
  • Spray
    • “Lena and Emily” Spray for Tracer

Additionally, interested players can also read As You Are, a short story written by Jen Stacey. The short story focuses on a conversation between Pharah and Baptiste as they talk about “their identities, each other, and themselves.” Players will also be able to play in the updated Midtown map, shortly after a fantastic Pride parade. There will also be a new photo in the barracks of Watchpoint: Gibraltar, which shows off Tracer and her partner Emily.

Pride-themed apparel is also available in the Blizzard Gear Store, curated by the Blizzard LGBT+ Employee Network. The net proceeds Blizzard gets from this sale from May 16 to June 30, 2023 will be donated to the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE).

That's all of the information we have about the upcoming Overwatch 2 Pride Month event. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.