In the last Monday Night Football game of the 2019 season, the Green Bay Packers won a crucial contest against the Minnesota Vikings. The game wasn't the offensive fireworks show that many expected, but the Packers were still able to pull out a win.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers didn't have a great game on Monday night, but he was satisfied with the way his team performed, according to Darrin Gantt of Pro Football Talk via Rob Demovsky of ESPN.

“Winning is always beautiful. Defense wins NFC North championships.” Rodgers said.

The star quarterback went on to explain his feelings on winning ugly all year long:

“But there’s a lot of emphasis on looking pretty or dominating in a way that befits your explanation. But I thought [that] was a really good performance for us. We had good balance, we ran the ball well, we just turned it over three times. But it doesn’t matter how we get it done as long as we get it done. In games where our defense isn’t as locked down as they are now, we’ve got to find ways to put points on the board, but the good thing is the mistakes really on our side, things we just haven’t done at times, there’s going to be a time when we need to make those plays, and I expect to.”

Rodgers may not mind winning ugly, but at some point, the offense is going to have to show up. They are still the 13th-ranked offense by points scored, and the 21st ranked offense by yardage per game. That is not a recipe for playoff success.